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OpenCart integration guide


Accessing the Admin Console

  • Navigate to the Admin Console of your OpenCart website.

Installing the Plugin

  • Go to the Extensions tab.
  • Select the Installer sub-section.

  • Click on Upload.
  • Choose the lovat.ocmod.zip file from your local disk.
  • Once uploaded, the plugin named Lovat will appear in the plugins list.


Plugin Activation

  • Click the Install button next to the Lovat plugin.
  • A confirmation message will display, indicating a successful installation.

Module Connection and Configuration

  • Return to the Extensions tab.
  • Choose Modules from the ‘Choose the extension type’ dropdown.

  • Scroll to find the Transactions module.
  • Click Install for the Transactions module.

  • After installation, select Edit to configure the module.

Setting Module Preferences

  • In the settings window, enter the Access Token provided by Lovat.
  • Enable Tax Calculation and Status.
  • Click Save to apply the settings.


Configuring Store Location

  • Go to the System menu.
  • Select Localization and then Store Location.


  • Find the store named Lovat, click Edit, and update the necessary information.

  • Click Save to finalize the location settings.

Testing the Plugin

  • Verify the plugin’s functionality by checking the calculation and data transfer processes.

Ensure that each step is followed carefully to guarantee a smooth integration process. If you encounter any issues, consult the Lovat platform’s customer service for assistance.