WooCommerce Integration Guide

Step 1

There are two ways to install this plugin.


Option 1

    1. Install this plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory
    2. Or add the plugin on the website. Go to: Plugins > Add New


 Option 2

    1. Follow the link https://github.com/LOVAT-compliance/vatcompliance-wp-api
    2. Download the plugin archive.
    3. Upload files to the folder wp-content/plugins
    4. Activate the plugin and get the access key


an example of how to generate key

Step 2

5. Log in to your LOVAT account

6. Go to: Stores > Add Stores

Stores page - Active integrated with Woocommerce

7. Choose the WooCommerce Integration and fill out all required fields.

Choosing integration and entering wocommerce data

8. Click the Connect WooCommerce button and move to the Stores section.


All done!