Lovat API Magento 1 documentation

Step 1

  1. Download files from link https://github.com/LOVAT-compliance/Magento
  2. Install files (installation is described below)
  3. Configure access to API (access configuration is described below).

Step 2

Installing the plugin

  1. To install the plugin, download the archive from https://github.com/Rozrabiaka/lovat-api-magento
  2. After downloading the archive, you should see 2 folders: etc., Interfacing.
  3. Go to /app/code/community, create folder “Lovat”
  4. Move folder “Interfacing” into folder “Lovat”
  5. Afterward, find the file Lovat_Interfacing.xml in the folder ,etc.
  6. Then go to /app/etc./modules and move Lovat_Interfacing.xml there.
  7. After completing all of the previous steps, refresh caches in Magento 1 System-> Cache Management ->

Step 3

Configure API access

  1. Go to: System -> Web Services -> REST Roles
  2. Go to: Guest role

3.On the left side, find Role API Resources, after click, you will see Resource Access

4.Select custom, then you will see accesses to API

5.Select Lovat API REST

6.Save the role

7.Go to: в System -> Web Services -> REST Attributes

8.Go to: Guest

9.Select Lovat API REST

After that go to the module Lovat API, you will see it in the menu

Lovat API -> Lovat API settings

10.Press the button “Token Settings, you will be taken to the settings

11.Here you need to generate an access key, the key is generated automatically

You can find the key here:

To create a new key, go to Token Settings

API Key is used for authorization

Key: x-lovat-api-key

Value: key generated via plugin Lovat API

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