Amazon Integration Guide

In order to get integration of LOVAT with your Amazon account for VAT purposes, please add LOVAT as a developer by the following steps:

Step 1

Login into your Seller Account on Amazon


Step 2

Find our application on Amazon Marketplace Appstore and click the button “authorise now”: c210-4ad0-a8f2-0c6383547ae2

Step 3

Fill in the needed fields in case they are not auto-filled:

MWS developer ID 141386399763 

Developer`s name: LOVAT COMPLIANCE LTD

Step 4

Confirm that you agree to give LOVAT access to your seller account.

Step 5

Create your own account on Lovat Compliance Website if you haven’t done it previously.


Step 6

In order to complete integration of your Amazon account with LOVAT’s one, please provide us with your Marketplace ID and Seller ID.

Create a new store in the “stores” section and fill the necessary data (store name, auth. Token, Seller ID)

Guide to download transactions from Amazon account

In order to download your transaction from Amazon seller account to LOVAT platform, please login into your LOVAT account and make the following steps:


Step 1

Go the Transaction section and click the button “Add transactions”.

Step 2

Choose your amazon store in the filed “Website” and put the period which you need. Please select the monthly periods only in order for transactions to be uploaded correctly.

After it click the button “Next” in the lower right corner of this page.

Step 3

Please wait a minute …


You have done it and can use it for filling your VAT return.

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